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Shipping Cost of Monarch Rearing Kits
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Monarch Rearing Kits contain live monarch larvae and must be shipped via UPS Next Day Air.  We can ship up to 4 kits for $26.00.  



Kits are shipped via UPS Next Day Air for delivery Tuesday through Friday. We cannot guarantee a specific delivery date. However, we do our best to fill all of the orders each week. If for any reason there is a chance your kit(s) will not be delivered the week you requested you will be notified via email (if provided) by Thursday of the requested week.


We are not responsible for packages that are delivered to receiving departments, delayed in delivery to the intended recipient, or are left unattended at a residence. Please provide an appropriate delivery address and make arrangements for someone to accept your package.


Due to federal regulations, we can only ship larvae to areas within the United States, east of the Rocky Mountains.


You must have fresh milkweed for your caterpillars. Please make sure you have a fresh, uncontaminated source before your caterpillars are shipped. We are not responsible for caterpillar mortality due to inappropriate or contaminated food sources.


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